Exclusive Luxury

The 'Apoha Mizra' is a special treatment exclusive to Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. We experienced it at the Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai and this is how it was
By Rama Ahuja

"Don’t worry. You will be fine,” is what my therapist Evan confidently consoled me with, as I let out yet another groan while she expertly stretched my legs in angles that I thought weren’t possible. Amused, I was instantly reminded of the adage: looks are deceptive. You see, it was only a few moments ago, as she was welcoming me at the tranquil yet extravagant Spa at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai, that I thought to myself how docile Evan looked! I couldn’t really blame her, for it was myself who had invited this temporary discomfort upon myself by selecting the very popular 'Apoha Mizra' treatment.

The treatment involves a deep tissue massage and is exclusive to the Four Seasons. Fully aware of the fact that a deep tissue massage focusses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, making it more intense than the other massage types, I still decided to go with Apoha Mizra, simply to see if it lived up to the hype.

The therapy commenced with a foot ritual that had rose petals and Himalayan salts, after which I lay on the massage bed and was treated to some vigorous massage strokes with a fragrant camphor infused oil accompanied by some rather captivating Sanskrit chants for music. Mid-way through the massage, warm poultices of medicinal herbs were applied to my back, the feeling of which can only be described as magical. One moment I could sense the therapist’s soft hand glide over my back taking care of the stubborn knots and in the very next moment, the warm poultice was releasing residual tension and working a spell on me. Mysterious, how the ninety minutes of this therapy flew by! What I do know is that 'Apoha Mizra' is absolutely worth the mild discomfort and I’m certainly returning for more.

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